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John D. Harvison, President, CEO and Director
Mr. Harvison serves as president for Dynamic Production, Inc., a private oil and gas exploration, production and development company and various other affiliated entities. Mr. Harvison and his family own Dynamic Production, Inc. and have significant interests in over fifty other partnerships and corporations engaged in a variety of business activities, including oilfield supply stores, mining, real estate and banking. Mr. Harvison has been involved in the day-to-day operation of Dynamic since 1978, and the management thereof since 1990.
G. Arnold Armstrong, Chairman/Director
Mr. Armstrong has practiced law for over 50 years and is a member of the Armstrong Simpson firm of independent lawyers, a successful Canadian boutique law firm. Mr. Armstrong and his family own Armada Investments Ltd. the principal family management company through which he has built a diversified portfolio of assets and businesses. Mr. Armstrong's business experience is extensive and diverse. He has held the positions of Chairman,President, CEO and/or Director of several successful mining and exploration companies including as one of the founding Directors of Silvercorp Metals Inc. (NYSE - SVM). Under his command his group of public companies has made several significant coal, nickel, copper, gold and silver discoveries in the United States, Canada, China and Mongolia. Mr. Armstrong has also fostered several joint ventures within his companies including those with Cameco Corp., AREVA and Phelps Dodge.
Daniel Frederiksen, Director
Since 1999, Mr. Frederiksen has been a manager and the financial controller for Armada Investments Ltd. the principal management company for the Armstrong family. He is responsible for the financial oversight of numerous companies involved in such diverse activities as legal services, commercial and residential rental property, real estate development, mining, and oil and gas. He has served as a Director and as CFO for several successful Canadian private and public sector companies all of which operate internationally and several with significant resource discoveries to their credit. His current and former public company Board of Directors and/or CFO appointments include International Cetec Investments Inc, Red Hill Energy Inc, International Enexco Ltd. and Doxa Energy Ltd. Mr. Frederiksen is a Chartered Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University, and is a CPA through the University of Illinois and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.
Jonathon Weiss, Director
Mr. Weiss is the Vice President of Engineering for Dynamic Production, Inc. He has served in this capacity since 2002 and has over 25 years experience in the oil and gas business. Mr. Weiss is a member of SPE, AADE, and ASME. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Texas in 1983. He has supervised the drilling and completion of over 100 wells in Texas, California, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Oklahoma. His drilling experience and expertise encompasses all facets of engineering from AFE to TD. This includes vertical, deviated, HTHP, reentry and underbalanced/overbalanced horizontal wells to a maximum depth of 17,000'. Mr. Weiss is also named co-inventor in the patented technology: "System and Method for Stimulating and Producing Stratified Reservoirs" (US Patent Serial No. 7,451,814).
Paul McKenzie, Director
Mr. McKenzie has been instrumental in co-creating and co-managing several successful mining and energy companies which have made significant resource discoveries worldwide. He has acted in the capacity as Director, President and/or CEO of several companies. His experiences with resource companies spans 20 years and includes acquiring, selling, financing and developing mineral and energy projects in North America, and Asia. In addition to Doxa Energy, companies that Mr. McKenzie has been instrumental in co-founding include, Red Hill Energy Ltd., (now Prophecy Resource Corp.), Elissa Resources Ltd. and Challenger Deep Resources Corp.
Mark Bronson, Chief Financial Officer, Director
For the past eight years, Mr. Bronson has been on the executive management team at the Harvison Companies in Fort Worth, Texas, where he is currently the Chief Financial Officer. He is responsible for the financial oversight of over a dozen companies involved in such diverse activities as oil and gas, mining, renewable energy initiatives, light manufacturing, retail sales, wholesale travel and banking. He presently serves as a Director of a publicly-traded US oil and gas company, and several private companies in addition to Doxa Energy.

Mark is a CPA with an undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska and an MBA from Michigan State University, he is also a former adjunct professor at the TCU Graduate School of Business. Mark is the former Controller and Chief Accounting Officer for two publicly-traded companies - Lone Star Technologies (oil field steel manufacturing) and FFP Operating Partners (multi-state operator of convenience stores).
Gerald Graham, Director
Mr. Graham began with Dynamic Production, Inc. as Land Manager in 1981 and presently serves as Vice President of Land. He has over 25 years of experience in negotiating, planning and funding of oil and gas exploration ventures in Texas, California, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Arkansas. He is also involved in the day to day operation and business development of various other Harvison Companies, including mining and minerals.